The Different Home Pregnancy Tests

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Today many women perform different home pregnancy tests to find out if they have become pregnant or not. Once you practice it, and if the result is positive you should visit a gynecologist to check the status of your baby. And so avoid complications in…Seguir leyendo

Increase the chances of getting pregnant

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It is relatively easy for many women to become pregnant. While others find it very complicated why they wonder how to increase their chances of getting pregnant. When they reach this state women often ask themselves questions as to whether they will be infertile or not….Seguir leyendo

Female Infertility or Male Infertility, Causes and Symptoms

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For many people it is very difficult to try to conceive. And the first thing that comes to mind is female infertility or male infertility. But this can not be known unless you visit a specialist. The doctor can perform a series of tests that…Seguir leyendo

What is Ovulation in the Menstrual Cycle?

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Childbirth is a turning point in life, no matter if it is your first or seventh child. The health of your child will depend on your preparation prior to this time. For this, we must be clear how the female anatomy works in the different…Seguir leyendo